F.A.Q. = Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BuyTrustS Netclub?

Ans: The BuyTrusts Netclub is the Buyers Trusted Sellers network. A worldwide social community site where buyers (members and non members), with free access, seek for and buy interested products/services from reliable sellers. In other words, it means if you use any link on this site to reach any online store and eventually make a purchase on that store, you are buying from a trusted seller worldwide

Q: How does it work?

Ans: It is simple and very easy to use this network. For full detail on how it works Click Here to learn more!

Q: Must I register to be a member before I can use this service?

Ans: No, it is not a must to register before using this site to shop for products or services. It is free for all - Members and non-members. Absolutely free!

Q: What is the advantage of becoming a registered member over non-member?

Ans: Registering as a member gives you the advantage over non-members because you will be notified first for new products/service, daily deals, offers, promotions, coupons and more in your wished category. So you get the product availability before it get finished or before the promotion expires. Click Here to register now!

Q: I don't want any general product category notification. Can I make my own personal specific choice of product/service request for notification for my chosen country?

Ans: Yes of course you can. Just fill the membership form Here if you are joining for the first time. Or use our contact form Here to send use your request and it shall be honored.

Q: If this service is free for all, then how do you make a living and keeping up with cost of maintaining this website free for your global members and non-members through the years?

Ans: Well, we get paid by the stores on agreement for advertising and sending them qualified buyers of our members and non-members like you.

Q: Each time I found what I want to buy, I can't add products to my cart on every store and I can't either proceed to checkout. What is happening?

Ans: It means you have cookies blocked on your device. In order to add items to your shopping cart you must have cookies enabled. Please refer to the instructions for your specific browser to enable cookies... Go Here for full Detail.

Q: Do you accept, on your site, all online stores that call on you or offer you money?

Ans: No, No, No! We select only and exclusively online stores/businesses that we want to refer our members and non-members - Period!

Q: I have a question, a comment or request to make. How can I contact you and get a reply?

Ans: You can contact us by filling up a form Here together with your request or comment. We will get back to you ASAP!

Q: Before I register or join your netclub are there any terms and conditions of using this site for members and non-members?

An: Yes of course. For any trusted and good online business there ought to be conditions & terms of use for all users. Click to read ours HERE. Thanks for asking.

Q: The terms and conditions of use on your site is it also valid and the same for third party sellers store?

Ans: No! The BuyTrusts Netclub terms & conditions of use is only valid for users of this site and not for third party site that they get linked to from here. So all users, including you (member/non-member) are hereby notified and adviced to read third party site terms & conditions carefully before making any purchase.

Q: Ok... Tell me the truth, what are the hidden costs, bills, fees, extra tricks behind it all?

Ans: Absolutely non. No tricks, no hidden fees, etc. at all. All free to use and access with no daily/periodical/monthly/yearly service fees you have to pay us. Only get Access to the product/s or service/s you desire and pay for the product/service you ordered for at the store site. Give it a try first and see for yourself. Then decide to join later or to discontinue using our service. A trial will convince you.

Q: Is my email address/es and datas that I submited to you safe?

Ans: Relax... you're at BuyTrustS Netclub. Your datas are save with us and we will not share it with any third party. They shall be used only for notifying you as stated when you filled the form/s. Read more on Terms & Conditions of use.

Q: Is it really safe and convenient to shop from these online stores here on this site?

Ans: 100% safe, super convenient and guaranteed. Cost you nothing at all to use our service to buy what you want at trusted guaranteed stores. Take a Trial.

Q: Ok... I'm convinced. Where can I register?

Ans: Good! Click here to submit your membership data and start saving today. Welcome to the BuyTrustS Netclub.